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    New FB Plugin Gives Privacy Controls On Other Websites

    With developers using Facebook’s Open Graph on websites and apps all over the web, users activities are becoming more social because the graph is automatically publishing a lot of activities on other websites and apps (like reading an article on huffpo) into the Facebook News feed or Timeline.

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Automating the Google Apps Services

Google Apps Scripts

Google Apps Automation Scripts can make the Google Apps environment much more productive.  There are many ways to implement automation of the repetitive tasks we all deal with in our professional world. See the Google link above to find scripts, tutorials, news and discussion forums that Google Apps developers are

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Facebook Advertising Campaigns

facebook ad campaigns

Have you ever considered what impact an ad campaign on facebook could do for you? When it comes to targeting and eye balls facebook is a great place to be. The platform offers an incredible amount of tools and applications to collect data, connect, broadcast and

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Checklists to Plan Your Email Campaigns

To help you get your plan started, here are four simple steps to help you create a plan that will resonate with your email subscriber base: Step 1: Identify Your Readers You need to understand who your readers are and what they are looking for, and make

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Search Engine Marketing – SEM

ppc search engines

We create awareness and acquisition campaigns all over the internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Shopping and other sites) for our clients.  Our services provide publisher and site selection, keyword selection and bid management for internet based advertisements.  Most of our campaigns are multichannel, multifaceted  and go beyond

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement This is the website of Rezon8 llc.. Our postal address is 6 Salem CT. Ann Arbor, MI. 48104 We can be reached via email: privacy [at] For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes any possible means for user

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Our Process

SEO Optimization

  In every project we employ a simple process driven work-flow.  Documenting each stage of the process provides basis for marketing wisdom over time.  Our creativity in the digital realm and Direct Marketing approach provides brand differentiation through uniquely creative messaging and accountability to a return on

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Customer Insights – Analytics

Insights through quantitative and qualitative analytics

Gaining Insight to your customer base is invaluable knowledge for businesses today.  Understanding the demographic makeup and geographic location of your customers can increase marketing effectiveness and lower costs in acquisition as well as retention efforts.  Overlaying life-style and purchase behavior data with behavioral or re-targeting strategies

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

After learning about our clients business and goals of a website we begin the review. Where we start: After the review; a detailed report with various options is proposed and a move forward plan is crafted. Measured improvements are observed daily once the site changes begin!

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