Customer Relationship Marketing

Sales Force CRMWith our Consulting Services the creation or optimization of your, business processes, workflows, data collection methods, module-builds, setup, migrations and customization’s will be under control.  Using our project management services you can plug into a stable of vetted designers, developers and project managers ready to work on your business.  Our Account Managers provide the buffer between non-technical business teams and IT & programming resources.  We turn your Sales mangers “we need this” into nerd speak that ensures you get what you need.

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Is it Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Marketing? It can mean different things to different people.  Here it means having a holistic view of your customers & engaging in a meaningful way by understanding the micro and the macro.  It’s about managing relationships.  Using a software to manage relationships has to take many things into account beyond the industry you are in.  If CRM delivers fulfillment on your customer promise it should be considered successful.  A CRM system can be successful even if the product or service fails – you would know why it failed as it happened – by advertising spend results: poor closing ratio’s/return rates/repeat customers/poor service levels/inventory/shipping/document management/etc…..  When you build a successful CRM system and implement successful advertising you will take advantage of the machine and in turn increase your share of wallet and the affinity for your brand.