Social Media Marketing

Making the Needle Move

Using Social Media for business allows you to take advantage of free advertising and crowd sourced content.  It also provides avenues to direct consumers to your social media pages rather than your website.  With pay per click ads on social & business networking websites you can advertise and keep the user in the site by directing them to your business profile or review pages on a social media websites like Google+ Local, Facebook, Linkedin, etc..

Allow us to setup and link your social media profiles for your business and take advantage of (the free) organic or natural search results.

Once you begin publishing the basic information about your business (location, hours, contact, product information) online you will begin showing up in local search results.  What is a local search result? It is one of a few things: one) when a engine returns results based on the location believed to be the location of the user performing the search Or two) the user enters a location term such as city, state, zip or neighborhood with their keyword e.g. “hair salon, birmingham michigan”.  Search engines are increasingly providing local search results which include information from map websites, social media and consumer review sites.  How well do you show up in relevant sites search results?

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We encourage business owners to take a proactive role in their social media branding.  We encourage this because many consumers will form their opinions of your brand based on the impression formed from the online experience you provide, reviews, comments and recommendations made by your customers and the interaction or lack there of your brand has on these networks.

Creating a social media experience requires photos and videos of your products and location(s), reviews, communication and citizenship within the social network.  Over time your profiles will grow and you will receive reviews and photos from social network users which turn into “search food” for organic search.  Having your foundation of social media accounts allows you to build your online persona and reputation overtime.

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