Lead Generation

Acquire More Customers

We have extensive experience generating leads in the automotive, financial, legal, music, film, restaurant/bar/night club,  and entertainment industries.  Our strategies are filled with unique and efective tactics leveraging multiple channels to provide your lead generation efforts the optimal balance between cost, volume and quality.  If you’re looking to build process, increase volume, reduce cost or balance quality we should talk.

Lead Generation Consulting

Our lead generation consulting services will help you in the following areas:

  • Increasing landing page conversions.
  • Finding new sources for quality leads.
  • Developing sales channel & process.
  • CRM & data collection.
  • Lead sourcing & campaign analytics.
  • Tactical multi-channel strategies.

Relationship/Pricing Models

Agent model:

We offer an agent model where we work under contract for clients to manage their in-house marketing and lead generation efforts.  Launching new programs, reining in out of control programs: vendors, affiliate programs, email marketing programs or other non-performing lead generation efforts are the focus of most engagements.

CPL – Cost per lead model:

We partner with some clients and take on the duties and expense of generating leads.  These programs require us to understand your business and your clients and allow us to set upfront: price, monthly volume limits, qualifiers, etc..

CPS – Cost per sale model:

In certain circumstances we will partner with clients and work under a cost per sale structure.