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We offer local and National Search Engine Marketing services on a project or agent basis.  We work directly with clients and their agencies offering everything needed to be successful with search engine marketing.  We will set up one campaign or hundreds and provide end to end service.   
When you don’t turn on the lights and the OPEN sign; people don’t come in the store.  Today, not being found by the search engines is the equivalent of not turning on the lights.

Our approach is to create a unique plan comprised of proven tactics for each client project.  Many of our CPC campaigns grow into integrated multi channel affairs.  Our pay per click search engine marketing programs are used to increase interest & drive online traffic (generating leads or registrations, distributing coupons or samples, creating engagement) to facilitate happy new customers.

Get More Happy Customers
We’ll put your product, company, brand or service; online, in front of potential customers, when it counts.

We work with human brands too:

  • Celebrity Personalities
  • Musicians/Bands & Performers
  • Public figures
  • Politicians
  • Professional Athletes

Most of our clients have their own website(s) but increasingly we are running campaigns on social media sites like facebook that direct the user to a fb page rather than a company owned asset.  Also, increasingly we are seeing commerce transact directly on these third party sites like fb or itunes.  PPC campaigns are available on most of these sites and are valuable in every stage of the buying funnel.  Most agencies only focus on where your ads show – we do more.  We also can take the time to show you the best plugins, widgets and services to implement for data collection and e-commerce.  Knowing what works well together and planning the technology scale allows us to have happy customers that range in size from SMB to enterprise.  Setting up e-commerce gets more difficult every day because there are new products and services with varying levels of free or pay per use arriving by the minute.

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You can employ an effective online strategy without having a website and only incurring expense when your ad is clicked (by the minute control on spend).  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a host of genera specific websites provide free accounts that are required (setup and linked ) to lay your brands cloud based foundation.  In placing per click ads, we have tremendous targeting capabilities and can find the most elusive niche consumers online.
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Notices & disclaimers
Because we work with Google AdWords and share in the Google philosophy of transparent business relationships, you can learn more about the Google Third Party policies on their website here or in our terms here.