Minimal Approach To WordPress

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In the WordPress community many advocate using as few plugins as possible for each WordPress CMS installation. There are a several good reasons for this practice. Because we believe in the philosophy we are announcing a new category/topic for this blog “Extend WordPress”. We thought it was worth mentioning because our non-technical readers will most likely not be the target readers. This section will collect useful posts from around the web that illustrate how to extend core WordPress functionality (mainly via editing your functions.php file) without the use of a plugin. Because plugins are awesome, we have a section for that too.

BACSC has a great series of posts on extending WordPress. We found this one useful recently. It deals with adding some simple code to control the length of your excerpt as well as extending WordPress’s native functionality, it allows you to pass HTML attributes of your choosing to the excerpt. Allowing italicized, bold and other HTML elements pass into your excerpt can make the presentation that much more.


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