Will The Newest “Do Not Track” Law Become Standard In All 50-States?

If you’re an operator of a commercial website or online service that collects personally identifiable information, this new California regulation applies to you. The act to amend Section 22575 of the Business and Professions Code, relating to consumers was updated to require those who collect this type of information – to conspicuously post their privacy policy and comply with it. There are currently requirements in place that require a privacy policy to identify the categories of personally identifiable information that a website or web service operator collects about individual consumers who use or visit its Web property including the 3rd parties with whom the operator shares information collected.

This bill would require an operator to disclose how it responds to “do not track” signals or other mechanisms that provide consumers a choice regarding the collection of personally identifiable information about an individual consumer’s online activities over time and across different Web sites or online services. The bill would require the operator to disclose whether other parties may collect personally identifiable information when a consumer uses the operator’s Web site or service.

To read the bill in its entirety you can access it here.

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